Be Kind To Yourself Today. You really are more beautiful than you let yourself believe


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This Video for the Dove Real Beauty campaign is both powerful and emotional. I am not endorsing any brand. It’s just that I watched it and it inspired me to write this post….

Our inner critical voice – about how we look – can be so destructive.

Especially as women.

When I meet people at the start of a shoot I often receive apologies like ” sorry I’m not very photogenic” or ” you’ll have your work cut out for you with me” and lots of comments along the lines of “I really don’t like my ears/teeth/chin (sometimes I even have people saying to me at the start of a shoot “I hate my…..!”)  some may be due to sound bites people still have in their heads from comments that were made about them and how they looked as children or the critical voices of others perhaps at the end of a difficult relationship.

We do grow into our faces and bodies and our different life experiences shape how we look and feel.

All I ever see is a beautiful and interesting (different from mine) face in front of me. I am longing to photograph it and prove them wrong! 

Yes, prove my clients wrong – perhaps not the best approach in business – as the customer is always right! 

You do look good and you can feel great about yourself.

Just let yourself see what others see – even for just a moment.

Be kind to yourself today. It will make all the difference #fortheloveofbeingenough

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