One-To-One Coaching   with Ursula

For talented caring and driven women in business just like you


You are driven, determined, and committed. You’re professional, authentic,  caring and creative and you’re ready to take the next step.

You no longer want to do the work that doesn't set your soul on fire.  From the outside, it looks like you have it all sorted, but on the inside, you're yearning for something else...

The thing is you know you’re meant for more. And you know what you want. And you know that there are people out there who are going to love what it is you create.

You've got to make this happen before it's too late...

...this is your time!

So what's your next move..? 

You’re driven, determined, creative and committed and now you’re so ready to Thrive.

You’re the women who on the outside seems to have it all and on the inside you’re ready for more.

You have that fab safe salary or long standing contracts and clients and now you're ready to be brave and go a new way.

You don’t want to be doing the work that no longer fuels your soul because life is too short.

You know it’s not all about the money this goes way deeper.

does this sound like you?

What you need is a business coach, brand strategist and confidant all rolled into one. 

Let's get next level 


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    Everything you need to know about building a beautiful personal brand.

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    Product or program development advice from naming, to pricing to positioning

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    Money Mindset, getting personal to be more profitable.

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    Identifying your real passion + purpose to create more profit,confidence and joy

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    Captivating copy for your website, sales pages or blogs.

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    Become your best marketing tool showing up confidently live on social media

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    Creating a beautiful created instagram feed and being organised on social media


Turn your wobbles into wins

I truly believe that real progress comes when you recognize there doesn’t have to be a divide between the business you and the real you.

First, you have to be honest about what you really want. And then you need to go ahead and say it out loud.

It's time to stop letting those mindset wobbles and worries of 'what if' take hold.

No more thinking 'what if I don't do this and someone else does? Maybe I'll always regret not taking the chance...'

When you become really honest about what you want, it can feel scary, for sure, because maybe it means starting afresh and you're not sure how. But what if it's tweaking what you already have and making it better than before?

You'll never know until you give it a go.

I'll be listening, supporting, and guiding you all the way.

I've worked with artists, coaches, creatives, consultants, therapists, photographers, fashion designers, yoga teachers, and more!

Using all my branding expertise, my award-winning photographers' eye, empaths soul, and entrepreneurial focus I'll help you transform too.

So are you ready?

Because it's time to shift that mindset, make those changes, and the big, bold moves that see you create more confidence, profit, and joy.

It's time to do the real work that fuels your soul.

Because it's finally time to bring your livelihood and your life together and reap your own rewards.

"The Best Investment You Can Make is In Yourself"

Warren Buffett

THese guys did it and so can you

"It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. Worth every penny!!

When I decided to be brave and leave my well-paid career designing for high street brands, I knew I’d have to invest in the best for my own brand to launch with a bang. I wanted a mentor who'd help me get there.

Working with Ursula is like working with a business partner. She 100% gets into the groove of what I’m trying to achieve, as well as motivates me to see past my limitations. 

In less than a year I've launched both a jewelry and a handbag range! My clients are now global, my items have been worn for photoshoots featured in Elle and on Glamour magazine frontpage, and my products are now stocked in Fenwicks, with a range made exclusive for them now too.

Before working with Ursula I was only dreaming of having this kind of business. Now I am earning 6 figures and this is only the beginning!

Working with Ursula is the best investment I’ve ever made and any expectations I had have been surpassed.

She is my coach, confidant, content creator, and now, a real friend too! 


I really appreciate Ursula's creative eye...

I am so proud of my website, how it portrays my work, and my approach.  Since the launch, I've received loads of positive feedback, new inquiries, and most importantly new clients!.  Having Ursula’s focus and support throughout the process made a huge difference; being able to say what didn’t feel right, asking for her advice, and saying no when I didn’t agree.  Trusting that she wanted to achieve the optimum result for me and my business rather than just get it done and settle for something mediocre!  I feel a huge sense of achievement and relief that it's complete! I really appreciate Ursula's creative eye her understanding of copy and images along with her positivity, determination and being there every step of the way, makes her a very different coach! 

Sue Newsome sexual confidence

Let's Make It Happen…

No more secrets.

I say what I see when you work with me because I want you to have the life you desire. No time-wasting. No fluff.

Let's get to the heart of it.

There is no one way. No one thing to do. There is only your way. But you have to be brave and bold enough to do what's needed to make this work.

I was the oldest of four so I can be kinda bossy.

I describe myself as kickass with kindness!

I've had my own successful photography business, so I'm super visual too. I dared to dream the life I have created and I took some bold brave moves to make it happen.  That's what I'll be getting you to do too.

It's time to take action. It's time to get you super visible.

If you want a supportive strategist, empathic entrepreneur, and confidence coach, I'll help you get there. I'll be your cheerleader and confidant too, making sure you’re doing precisely what's needed to make it happen.

Let’s partner up!

it's time to

Seen. Because you can show up and tell the world who you are and what you do in a way that's right for you.

Ambitious. Set those goals higher – have faith in yourself and what you can achieve.

Brave. Only say yes to the work that truly lights your soul, because then you'll love every minute of it.

Honest. About your purpose and what you really want to do and make it something you really, truly care about.

Elevated. Because if you invest in you, others will want to invest in you too.

Organised. Set yourself up to succeed with clear goals that you know you can meet.

Focus on your purpose, and do more of what's right for you.

Ursula was pivotal in helping me to get my business online!

I just love working with Ursula. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, encouraging, understanding, and gentle.  All things we need at different times in different proportions. She has the knack of knowing what is needed and when. All of this is enhanced by her design, photographic and visual skills. Ursula is the best for personal and professional branding; she’ll cover everything from clothing and hair to guidance around your marketing and branding colours. She really cares and wants to help and support her clients. She has helped me to be more visible in a way that was comfortable and at my own pace. Ursula was pivotal in helping me to get my business online!


Karen Chappell Founder of the Bodylogiq Approach

"She’s helped me transform my business and my life!.

Before working with Ursula, I was playing it safe. She’s helped me transform my business and my life! I am earning more than I thought I could, whilst working less than what I worked in the NHS.  Most importantly, however, I'm creating super-powerful transformations for my clients and their families as I now have the freedom to deliver therapy according to what my clients need and deserve, rather than fitting them around the constraints of the NHS. She’s helped me understand myself better, prioritise my self-care and see my superpowers to create a life and business that works around my other priorities such as my family.  Ursula is so approachable whilst being super motivating. She genuinely cares about me and my business and I am so very grateful to have her by my side as my coach!

Manisha Amera Yasin

It's time to power up your personal brand, YOUR BUSINESS... 

,,,and your life!

Here's How it works


The first step is to hop on a discovery call and have a chat. Because I want to find out about you and your brand, your business, and your vision.  It doesn't matter if you're in front of the fire in your pj's or glammed up in front of the laptop. Honesty is key here!


   Knowing that what you want and what you need might be two different things but you can have it all...Creating this most confident, profitable, and joyful you really is doable. But it doesn't just happen by dreaming alone. It's a combination of mindset, motivation, visualisation and consistent action. 


There will be lots of honesty and humor on this journey of change together, there will be moments of doubt, that's normal. But we're gonna push on past it, so be prepared for taking action, not just taking notes, as there will be real work to do to become that most confident , profitable joyful you.

"Ursula’s holistic way of coaching feeds the heart and soul of my business... mind, and all the aspects of my business on a regular basis to help me stay on top and keep moving forwards.

After 20 years in business, I'm now filling my online bookings for courses. Ursula's encouragement and support are really paying off and translating into serious £££!!

A year ago I never thought I would be in the position of having a solid brand, and getting noticed on national and international platforms, and have magazine articles featuring me!

I feel much happier in myself

Her drive and thrive group gives me a place where I can be accountable within a community of like-minded businesswomen.

And her coaching keeps me motivated with a constant feed of ideas to achieve my current goals and set new ones for the future."

Helen Hallows The nurtured artist

Are You Ready For REAL Change?

 be brave and become the real you in your business  and in Your life!

What's included for VIP one-to-one Coaching 

Once off payment

  • 4 months of 1:1 Coaching
  • 1x 90min 1:1 coaching session
  • 2x 60min 1:1 private coaching sessions per month
  • 4 months voice note coaching on Telegram
  • Access to The Drive + Thrive Community of women
  • Bi-weekly "hot seat" style group coaching calls in the Drive + Thrive Community


£1199 per month
  • 4 months of 1:1 Coaching
  • 1x 90min 1:1 coaching session
  • 2x 60min 1:1 private coaching sessions per month
  • 4 months of voice note coaching on Telegram
  • Access to The Drive + Thrive Community of women
  • Bi weekly "hot seat" style group coaching calls in the Drive + Thrive Community

"Ursula has the supernatural ability to see the potential in everything.

“Ursula has the supernatural ability to see the potential in everything. You might think you’ve got an idea but Ursula within seconds will make it much much better. That’s Ursula as a coach.

As a photographer, she goes beyond photography creating imagery that encompasses YOU. You as your brand without compromising your personality.

Highly recommend. Much loved. Anyone who wants to be anything should book this incredible woman”

Misia Smith Soothe Therapies

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it's time to be

you now