Ursula Kelly's Be You Now

A 12-week group coaching programme that sees you get confident get visible get clients

You're done sitting on the sidelines...

You've prioritized all the other important things in your life and now it's time to do what you really want in a bigger, brighter, and better way. And you've put it off for long enough. Now you’re ready to take action and Be what you're really here to be.



But you're stuck on the fence ...

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    You're not sure what your next move is

  • questionmark2

    You don't know who to ask

  • questionmark2

    You're worried about what others will think of you

  • questionmark2

    You're scared you've missed the boat

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    You're starting to think you're beyond help...

You know you need to get visible but ...

You’re driven, determined, creative and committed

And now you’re so ready to Thrive.

You’re the woman who on the outside, seems to have it all

And on the inside, you’re ready for more.

You don’t want to be doing the work that no longer fuels your soul

Because life is too short.

You know it’s not all about the money

This goes way deeper.

You're ready to be brave and invest in you.


What if you could stop procrastinating and OVER perfecting?

what if you could Get past your impostor syndrome and step into your best self?

it's time to


Confident you can show up and tell the world who you are and what you do in a way that's right for you.

Profitable you can charge your worth and still do good because you can give and receive abundantly. It’s not an either-or.

Empowered you can say no, have boundaries, and still attract and work with your ideal clients.

Honest you can share your story in a way that’s right for you, and let others know that what you make, create, or do can help them too.

Fulfilled you can do the work you really want to do and say goodbye to the work that no longer fuels your soul.

Visible you can do it in a way that doesn’t have to feel like you are showing off or salesy!

If you want to unlock the next best version of you and reclaim your business AND your life.....then keep reading…

"I wish I had done it years ago 

After 20 years I have just had my best month in business filling my online bookings for courses. Ursula's encouragement to get visible and be consistent with my marketing it is really paying off and translating into £££!!

A year ago I never thought I would be in the position of having a solid brand, and getting noticed on national and international platforms, and have magazine articles featuring me!

I feel much happier in myself and so I wouldn't hesitate in telling people to do take this program"

Helen Hallows The NuRtured Artist

"Transformational, it shook me to the Core!

This program was about changing my mindset. It was about building my confidence. The personal journey I went through doing the programme...well, I mean...I cried. It shook me to the core!"

Laura Stevens Natter marketing and communications

Watch these women TALK about their amazing experiences of the ProgramME:

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Here’s the thing…


ou are bloody great at what you do.

Sometimes you just can’t see it. But if you can't see it, how can you share it or sell it?

It's time for a fresh perspective.

It's time to get visible, tell the world who you are and what you really care about. It's time to Be Brave, believe what you are really capable of and start charging your worth!

Picture This…

You have more money and more time. You're pivoting your business around to what you’ve secretly been wanting to do all along. You’re working solely with your ideal clients, only doing the work you truly love, being paid well and reconnecting with why you do this all over again. No more being worried about what to say on your lives, social media posts, or in your newsletters because you're confidently and consistently showing up and telling the world that you exist.

You've got something special, something unique.

You're seeing your time as precious and you're taking time for you. You're going for walks, taking baths, booking in a massage, having lunch dates, reading your favorite book, or watching a film in the middle of the week, without feeling guilty!

You're choosing to say YES to YOU and the things YOU CHOOSE. Those Big Bold Brave moves are now in sight, because you're finally embracing the Real You. Now.

I Would Describe the group program as a full Journey...

...it worked on a practical level and emotionally too, because Ursula really gets lots out of us!

She really digs deep to help you get to where you want to take your business. She really examines every part, every aspect of your business, and gives you clarity about where your passion comes from and why you are doing it.

She'll question how you want your business to look visually and what clients you want to work with.

She even got me change my pricing- that alone is priceless!

Caroline Barnes Caroline Barnes MUA

Can you imagine?

A more empowered version of you, that's going live, creating confident content and selfies. Imagine showing up consistently on social media and into the inbox of your tribe. Knowing what to say and why.

Imagine you are ready to have more income and create more impact. But without feeling like you are selling your soul.

Because it's never just about the money.

It's about..

...getting where you want to go!

I've Been Able to Take a Giant Leap Forward!

I've always struggled with shouting about what I do. I wasn't very good at doing the kind of marketing side of things. That fear of marketing yourself dissipates when you recognise that you're solving a problem for somebody else.

And when you get clear on that, it's much easier to show up and be in your own business.

One of the biggest wins for me was my branding, I know what font I'm using, I know what I need in the photos I use.  I now have the freedom to go and create  and design things for myself. Everything now just looks so much more professional than it did before.

This program has been exceptionally helpful for me with all of this!

Felicity Whittle Gold Star Guides

Hear some MORE of the incredible results these women have had:

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Isn't it finally time to create more profit and joy by doing what you really love...?

introducing my signature program

Get Confident

Get Visible

Get Clients

This 12-week Program will help you to learn how to:

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    Get clear on what you want (but were too afraid to ask)

  • tick

    Get out of your own way

  • tick

    Stop procrastinating

  • tick

    Quieten your inner voice of doubt

  • tick

    Let go of limiting beliefs

  • tick

    Learn to put yourself first

  • tick

    Get clarity on your message

  • tick

    Get confident on camera

  • tick

    Get organised on your social media marketing

  • tick

    Celebrate and embrace your true talents

  • tick

    Redesign your business to align with your life

  • tick

    Get clear on who you serve and why

Being part of this Program gave Me the Confidence to be Authentic

Ursula is a very approachable, super positive leader and she's guided and coaxed me to venture into new territory, be more visible on social media and step out of my comfort zone.

Learning how to engage and connect with potential clients and convert them into followers has lead to an increase in both sales and the size of my team. Being part of the group programme has given me the confidence to be authentic at all times.

I really enjoyed being on the programme with like-minded women and it was really only after finishing that I realized how useful it has all been! The course content is invaluable and if you are considering doing her program, my advice would be to just do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from it!

Thank you again Ursula for being such an amazing human being! I am very lucky to have you in my life

Alona M Ashkenazi Well-being Consultant

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My Business Has Grown With Ursula

I now have more bookings, I am much more visible on my social media, I feel less afraid to speak on camera, and most importantly I feel much more confident in myself and in my business, which for me was a massive transformation. Thank you Ursula! 


What makes this programme different?


y programme is a unique process a combination of deep group coaching support and practical personal brand advice. I'll guide you to make make better photos/ videos/ social media posts and get you visible. Plus I’ll help you master your money mindset, tame your inner critic, and Be You Now in your business and in your life.

I have nearly three decades of experience (but let’s pretend it’s closer to two…) running an award-winning business and making images. I’ve put it all together for you with a unique combination of visualisation, marketing, and branding. D>R>I>V>E and T>H>R>I>V>E is an acronym for all the elements you need to empower and elevate you and your brand.  I'll help you to switch things up, make the right choices, reach your ideal clients and get results.

Let’s take a journey together to make sure the next stage of your life and your business is fuelled by more confidence, profit, and joy.

It’s time to work out exactly what you’re going to do and why you’re going to do it. Because...

...when you find your Why, you find your Way.

"It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. Worth every penny!!

Working with a Ursula is like working with a business partner. She 100% gets into the groove of what I’m trying to achieve visually, as well as motivate me to see past my limitations.

Ursula is a perfectionist like myself: a real talent and inspiration. Our energies, creative thinking & enthusiasm make for an amazing team.

My decision to invest in my brand and work with Ursula was one I knew I wanted to make. I chose Ursula because I knew she understood what I needed to achieve. It was an easy decision and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. In fact the end results have surpassed my expectations!

Worth every penny!!


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Ursula Completely Understood Me And My Business

She really makes you think about what it is that you want your business to do, what you want your business to achieve and how you want to achieve it. 

Felicity Whittle GOLD STAR GUIDES

Do you get lost..?

Are you searching through hundreds of tutorials on YouTube featuring random tech guys spouting tech-speak you've never heard of to try and solve an annoying tech question?

Or listening to drill sergeant coaches shouting at you to 'just do this if you want to have your first 5 figure month!'

Have you signed up for yet another freebie guide or dipped your toe into one more free course or Facebook group?

There are so many people giving away free advice that you’re not sure who to listen to anymore. You know you can't be in all places at once and you're still no further down the road.

For 12 weeks we'll be on this journey together, covering everything from your vision and your visuals, to your personal story, and your money mindset. I'll get you showing up, serving more, finally charging your worth, and moving towards the things you hold in your heart. Because if I can do it then so can you.

I'll guide you down the right road because I've been there too. Don't worry...

...I know the way!

"Ursula has the Knack of Knowing What is Needed and When."

I just love working with Ursula. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, encouraging, understanding and gentle: all things we need at different times and in different proportions.

Ursula has the knack of knowing what is needed and when and all this is enhanced by her design, photographic and visual skills.

She really cares and wants to help and support her clients. Ursula has helped me to be more visible in a way that was comfortable and at my own pace.

Karen Chappell stress management and pain specialist

Let's Make It Happen…

In just 12 weeks you’ll be clearer than ever on what you want and why you want it.

You'll gain inspirational and practical ideas on how to be honest with yourself, what you want to achieve in this next stage of your life and how to be more confident and actually make it happen.

You'll see you are not alone with some of the fears that are holding you back to get visible and that you can do something about it even though imposter syndrome hangs around like an uninvited guest at a party!

Prepare yourself for a mindset shift so you get clear that being YOU in business is what it's all about. There is no splitting personal and professional when it comes to what you truly love to do,  the more you can confidently show up as you, whether that's in heels, trainers, or a tracksuit top the more you build the Know, Like and Trust factor. People need what you do and why you do it, not how you look or how you sound. If you believe in what you do so will your audience too. If you don't tell them they won't know. It's time to Be. YOU. Now.


You don't have to have it all sorted.

You just have to get it started...

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If you are thinking of working with Ursula...just do it!

I have found her to be an incredibly innovative, creative, supportive, encouraging, authentic and truly inspirational coach.

The benefits are immense and they're ongoing. I would encourage anybody to do the course!


"We Broke Down Walls!"

If you're thinking you need some serious structure to your creative ideas, and the confidence to get visible without self consciousness filling you with doubt, then Ursula is your woman. This is a journey that brings confidence, profit and joy.

Her programme is so comprehensive, the course structure and content was brilliant and she facilitated a group that shared so vulnerably.

We broke down walls!"


What Is Included In This Programme?

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    12 coaching sessions

    Each module is delivered as a Live session- not recordings! This means as well as the training being delivered, you can turn up, turn on your mic, and ask your questions. This is not just a type your question in the chatbox with 100's of other people! I'll answer every single one and help you move forward week on week.

  • tick
    Lifetime Access to 12 session recordings

    Each session is recorded and uploaded for you to watch back. If you can't make a session one week you can catch up when you are free. They are uploaded to a private members area on my website that you have lifetime access to. So you can watch it again at any point in the future, as many times as you wish.

  • tick

    Each module for DRIVE + THRIVE has either written or practical steps for you to take. The workbooks are details with all the questions you didn't know you needed answering to get to the next level.

  • tick
    Guest Expert Trainings

    Topics from Industry Experts Include

    • Branding
    • Website Design
    • SEO
    • Make-up for Camera 
    • Facebook Ads
    • PR
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I Needed Somebody Who Could Understand the Whole of Me...

...and Ursula is a very holistic coach. I would really recommend Ursula and her programme for taking you into new places, new spaces and giving the business the energy it needs.

Thank you, Ursula!


Here’s how it all breaks down...

module 1 What drives you?

Understand what gets you out of bed, what your true motivations are to reconnect with what fuels your fire so you can fan those flames!

module 2 What are you really good at?

Establish what people get from working with you. How do you affect other people’s lives the most so you can identify what you are so good at and do more of it.

module 3 How much do you need?

Breakdown those money mindset issues. Get clear on the money you need to live the way you want so you can set what your real targets should be and feel rewarded by your good work.

module 4 Where do you want to be?

Drill down to what you want your future successes to look like in 1/2/5/10 years time so you can see exactly where you want to go and point yourself in the right direction.  

module 5 What fuels your energy?

What helps you to keep moving forward. Who and what supports you and nourishes you practically physically and psychologically so you can keep going and going and going! 

module 6 What’s Your Story?

Understand where you've  been, what you've seen, what's been holding you back and how to use this story in your marketing to turn your world and your clients world around to get you going towards your goals now!

module 7 Your signnature offering

What's your special signature style and offer? What is your most effective way of working? So you can focus on what your good at and get the most from it. What would you do all day if your clients said I'm all, and the money didn't matter? Let's create it!

module 8 Who Loves You?

Look at your client feedback and testimonials to see who truly appreciates what you have to offer so you do everyone a favour and do more of it. You will find new ways to build your brand loyalty confidence and visibility, so you are no longer a best-kept secret!

module 9 Who do you want to work with?

Identify clearly the kind of clients you want to work with so you can talk directly to them and get them into the core of your business messaging. Doing the work you truly love will always be with people you love and who love what you do too.

module 10 What Do They see?

People buy with their eyes. You've got less than 9 seconds to grab their attention! How you package and present what you do does make a difference, to engage, encourage, and convert scrollers into clients! Learn how to tell your brand story more visually, and identify the right content to create and curate so you can charge your worth. 

module 11 Lights Camera Action!

Face your fears, tame the lens and realise that this isn't as hard as you think. Develop your storytelling skills so you can connect with your ideal clients. You'll learn how to make your own brand selfies, video content, and how to rock those lives like a pro. With training videos and feedback on your content too!

module 12 Ready To Rock?

Bring everything together to see how you’ve built a business, brand, and plan to support and complement what you’re really made of. Be really clear on how the D.R.I.V.E + T.H.R.I.V.E ™ acronym, is what you will use today, tomorrow, and in the future, to make sure you + your business are moving in the right direction. 

You are The Full Package!

this is high-level Coaching

Without the hefty price tag.
I’ll be with you as your accountability pal, cheering you on.
I will positively help you get there because I really care.

"It is an investment in time and in yourself. And absolutely, it's worth it.

There's some aspects of the training, which is about going inside yourself. And then there's some aspects of the course that's very practical. It was just so multisensory, that it really went to a different level.

Now I have absorbed all of that, it changes how I take every photograph and set up every zoom meeting and it's helped me understand what a big difference even a tiny change can make, if you take the time to do it. I now have something that feels like a solid foundation and it's opened my heart and my mind to playing so much bigger than I thought would be possible.

I think the journey for all of us on the group programme has been about really, really connecting with what you truly want to offer, and who you really want to work with"

Caroline Morris Caroline Loves Yoga

...no-one is you-er than you!

This programme is not a one size fits all approach!

It's not another type your question in the chatbox group scenario. I’m coaching you on the sessions in real-time...

You do get to talk to me, you can turn on your mic and get to ask your question on every live session (if you want to).

To get results you need to be seen and heard (especially if you have struggled to ask for help before). I truly understand and I’ll be giving you lots of input and making suggestions in a kickass with kindness way.

Seeing my clients achieve their goals motivates me every day (even on a bad hair day!!). I'll always turn up, tune in, get you moving and guide you closer to that bigger dream of yours that maybe is hiding just below the surface or perhaps even deeper within...

...it's my mantra!

Hey there, I'm Ursula

I’ve been there too!

I'm an entrepreneur and business woman and a (still recovering) camera shy photographer for over 20 years!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve photographed CEO’s and celebrities, been featured in national papers and publications and I’ve won a few awards in my time. But it still took me quite a while to address my own hang-ups about visibility, money and self-worth (still working on it tbqh). So believe me I’ve been there too!

In lockdown I saw super talented woman out there who were struggling with the confidence to get visible, take control of their story and charge their worth. I decided it was time to help more women like me. Like you.

I can’t wait to help you get your confidence, define your direction and discover who you have been all along. Let’s work together!

images seen in

this is for you IF......

You no longer want to go it alone.

You know you can achieve great things but you just don't quite know how.

You want to work with someone who’s  been there and got the t-shirt.

You'd love an accountability pal who cares as much about your success as you do.

You'd enjoy being part of a community of like-minded women who are driven to create real change in their lives and the lives of others too.

You are ready to show up and serve 100% authentically as you.

You're really ready to get out of your comfort zone, face your fears and make positive change in your life.

"I Really Appreciate Ursula's Creative Eye!"

My new web-site with fab photos, fab videos, fab copy is live! I feel a huge sense of achievement and a feeling of relief.

Thank you for being so positive and determined throughout this coaching process. I have huge appreciation that you care so much about what you do and how you do it.


You have questions I have answers...

Have a question before joining? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Of course, you are! If you’re used to giving to others and putting others' needs first then it’s time to prioritise yours. It is difficult to make anyone happy if you are not happy with yourself- and especially your clients! A small amount of time for you now will pay ten-fold, for you and others too. This is a win-win.

This program is a perfect fit for you, if...

d n t mobile screen
  • tick

    You’re a female solopreneur (sorry fellas!)

  • tick

    You’ve lots of experience but not so much confidence

  • tick

    You’ve ever had Impostor syndrome.

  • tick

    You’re scared of social media and being on camera.

  • tick

    You have no time for yourself or even to do everything you need to do in your business.

  • tick

    You’re run down and losing inspiration

  • tick

    You want to do something new and you don’t know how to pivot

  • tick

    You’re ready to commit, face some difficult truths and break through to a new place in your life and your business

  • tick

    You want to take your talents and make them work for you

  • X-large

    You’re looking for quick fix answers

  • X-large

    You’re looking to make a fast buck

  • X-large

    You’re fine as you are

  • X-large

    You’re not ready for change

  • X-large

    You’re not willing to be really honest with yourself

This programme is not a perfect fit for you if…


"Ursula has the supernatural ability to see the potential in everything.

You might think you’ve got an idea but Ursula within seconds will make it much much better. That’s Ursula as a coach.

Plus, as a photographer, she goes beyond photography creating imagery that encompasses YOU. You as your brand without compromising your personality.

Highly recommended. Much loved. Anyone who wants to be anything should work with this incredible woman"

Misia Smith Soothe Therapies

it's time to be


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