Ursula Kelly's Personal Brand Photography

Magazine-quality images for you and your brand. Let's get you showing up and being seen. Shoot With me 2024 Nottingham + London  July |  ScotlanD August + September | dublin October

What if you could have a whole series of personal branding photos featuring you looking elegant, confident and professional? 

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Picture this:

you are sipping prosecco in your bathrobe, whilst having your favorite makeup looks created for you in a stunning private shoot location.

Your personal creative team is right there with you, chatting with you, helping you relax, and gently building up your confidence.

You are having your photos taken by a professional photographer who is expert in guiding you, posing you, making you laugh and helping you look and feel great and in ways that you honestly didn't think were possible...

...And you're loving it!

What if you knew exactly what personal branding photos you needed for your business to make you look like the trusted expert in your field? 


What if you had a library of them for all your social media and website needs. Imagine having images that you were actually so proud to show off you were constantly looking for opportunities to show who you are and what you do, just so you can use them all up!


What if are attracting new clients because your photos are getting more notice on Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Insta etc.


What if you are able to charge more because your clients are taking you more seriously...

"The Best Investment You Can Make is In Yourself"

Warren Buffett

"It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. Worth every penny!!

Working with a Ursula is like working with a business partner. She 100% gets into the groove of what I’m trying to achieve visually, as well as motivate me to see past my limitations.

Ursula is a perfectionist like myself: a real talent and inspiration. Our energies, creative thinking & enthusiasm make for an amazing team.

My decision to invest in my brand and work with Ursula was one I knew I wanted to make. I chose Ursula because I knew she understood what I needed to achieve.

It was an easy decision and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. In fact the end results have surpassed my expectations!


Picture This…

I'm an entrepreneur and business woman and a (still recovering) camera shy photographer for over 20 years! 

I run my own photography and video company and I have been working with companies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, universities, charities, and especially women in business at all levels.

I love helping women achieve their goals and ambitions and bring their loves and their soul into the centre of their business to make it work for them. 

I honestly believe that every woman is beautiful and powerful and yet so many of us can’t see it for ourselves. 

I can’t wait to show you how your beauty and power is not only your truth but also the key to growing your business. I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you rediscover who you have been all along.

It's time to make some beautiful pictures that are the right fit for you and your brand. Let's work together!

I was anxious about the whole idea of being photographed...

...but you managed the process so that it felt almost magical - from our initial conversations to the shoot, edits and seeing the results.

You have a true skill in supporting people to relax so that their brilliance can be captured on camera.

Thank you Ursula!

Sue Newsome sexual confidence

Let's Make It Happen…

Ican’t wait to help you get your confidence, define your direction and discover who you have been all along. I'll help you tie all aspects of your brand together to create personal branding images that perfectly reflect you and your business.

We'll work closely together to bring all the aspects of your shoot together: look, feel, colours, styling, location: everything to make sure you are seen as the professional that all your current and future clients will know, like and trust.

Do you feel a little camera shy too? Don't worry because I have 20 plus years of experience helping literally 1000's of people feel truly relaxed on camera. I'll be guiding you, posing you, making you laugh and helping you look and feel great and in ways that you honestly didn't think were possible.

Before you know it you'll be actually loving it...!

Plus, by the time we've finished shooting, not only will we have made some fantastic images that you'll be genuinely proud of, but you'll also feel like you've had a great day out full of pampering, laughs (and a little Champagne too...)

Isn't it time you made that investment in you too?


I love everything about Ursula Kelly- it's true!...

This amazingly talented woman is the most skilled person behind a camera.

I can’t recommend her highly enough based on the magic she has pulled off with professional pictures for me and my businesses.

I’ll never go anywhere else to help take my business to the next level. She's an unsurpassable talent and an investment you’ll never regret

Andrea Wilde wilde about tan

it's time to


Seen because you can show up and tell the world who you are and what you do in a way that's right for you.

Confident on Camera because you actually loved every minute. And it will show in your photos.

Empowered because you will look and feel like the best version of yourself, ever.

Honest because you don't need to lose weight, dye your hair or anything else. You are already amazing. The time is now!

Elevated because if you invest in you others will want to invest in you too.

Organised because you can have a library of images to draw from every time you need to post.

If you want to have some fun, fizz, food, and fabulous shots of you that you have only dreamt of then let's work together...

Quite simply, Ursula is a gifted portrait photographer

I trust her to create branded imagery that reflects our company and our values, and tells the story of each individual member of staff. It goes without saying that she is a pleasure to work with, and that she delivers great photographs without fail.

But what is truly exceptional is how she can capture the essence of each and every individual in a remarkable photograph.

Susan Hallam MBE hallam internet

"Ursula’s work has completely pulled my brand together!

Oh my goodness, I’m such an advocate for you Ursula and what a difference you made to my brand!

The photos that you took have manifested debbiedoodah into this amazing, powerful, colourful, filled with joy business.

It just wouldn’t have been possible without you x

Debbie Dooodah debbiedooodah.co.uk

I'll work closely with you to power up your personal brand

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    Feel camera confident

  • tick

    Attract new clients

  • tick

    Have a library of professional images at your fingertips

  • tick

    Be seen as the expert in your field

  • tick

    Get more notice on social media

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    Become your best marketing tool

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    Be proud of your image online

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    Get organised on your social media marketing

Are You Ready To Get Visible?

Here's How it works

let's talk

First step is to hop on a call and have a chat. Because I want to find out about you and your brand, your business and your vision. I can also tell you more about how I work and how we can work together.

let's book it in!

Once you're happy to go ahead we can synchronize diaries and get dates firmed up, plus there's a couple of things to sign (and of course there's the fee too!)

let's get into ideas

We'll be talking about ideas, styles, looks and the kinds of shots that will work best for your brand. We will also talk about locations and how to prepare for your shoot.

let's create your itinerary

I'll send you your final shoot plan, including dates, times, places, logistics and anything else you need to remember for your shoot day.

let's shoot!

It's time to shine! Shoot day is all about having fun and feeling good. Got some butterflies? Don't worry you are in safe hands- I've taken 1000's of portraits and I will make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed and above all pampered. You're going to have a great time! 

let's get visible!

Who is this lovely lady in these photos? It's you looking and feeling fantastic and being who you've been all along. 14 days after your shoot I'll create an online gallery for you and send you the link for you to download from and use straight away. 

"Ursula has the supernatural ability to see the potential in everything.

As a photographer, Ursula goes beyond photography, creating imagery that encompasses YOU. You as your brand without compromising your personality.

Highly recommended. Much loved. Anyone who wants to be anything should work with this incredible woman"

Misia Smith Soothe Therapies

Are you ready to get camera confident, make some amazing photos for your brand... ...and have a great time too?

When you book today, you’ll get:

Power Shoot

£490 one-off payment
  • Pre-Shoot Consultation
  • 60 Minute Photoshoot
  • 2 Outfit Changes
  • Post Production and Private Online Gallery
  • 10 High Resolution Fully Edited On Brand Photos with Lifetime Licence to Use


£990 one-off payment
  • Pre-shoot Consultation Including Location Planning and Itinerary
  • Up to 4 Outfit Changes
  • More Time on Each Look and Style
  • Multiple Locations and Backdrops
  • 50 High Resolution Photos plus 10 Fully Edited On Brand Photos with Lifetime Licence to Use


£1450 Full Day Shoot
  • Pre-shoot Consultation Including Location Planning and Itinerary
  • Pinterest Board Planning
  • 6-8 Outfit Changes
  • Multiple Locations/ Backdrops
  • Time to Build a Diverse Range of Images
  • 100 High Resolution Images
  • 10 Images with Additional Editing as Required and Resized for Socials and Webs Use


£1950 Full Day Shoot
  • Pre-shoot Consultation Including Location Planning and Itinerary
  • Pinterest Board Planning
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • Can include extra person(s) for your brand
  • Multiple Locations/ Backdrops
  • Time to Build a Diverse Range of Images
  • 300 High Resolution Edited Images
  • 30 Images with Additional Editing as Required and Resized for Socials and Webs Use
  • Private Online Gallery to Access and Download Images


  • Shared Shoot Day
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • Pinterest Board Planning
  • Location Hire
  • Make Up Artist
  • 6 Outfit Changes
  • 100 High Resolution Edited Images
  • 15 Images with Additional Editing as Required and Resized for Socials and Webs Use
  • Lunch + Prosecco + Refreshments

You have questions I have answers...

Have a question before joining? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Absolutely you should! Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make. You deserve this!

"What makes Ursula different from other photographers is her understanding of brand.

As well as creating her stunning photography, she also works with you to bring out your personality and looks at your values and vision for your brand.

Colour, texture, style, mood are all carefully considered and positively contribute to the strength of your brand.

From the colours she asks you to wear, the imaginative and stylish ‘set- building’ and story-telling images she creates for your website.

She is meticulous in her styling and you will look better than you ever have done in a photo!....whilst at the same time looking really like you

Natasha Macracken macracken consultancy

it's time to be