Brand intensive With                     Ursula kelly                             

“your visuals and your visibility affect your profitability ”

YOur brand

What is yours saying about you? As a personal brand coach and photographer, I can see in an instant ways you can improve your visual content and the words that help you shine online.

Your PrIcing

Sometimes it just takes someone from the outside looking in to help you see the value of what you do. Then you can tweak your pricing to make your offer more profitable, and more joyful, so let's discuss.

YOur offers

How often are you making them, how visible are you, do people really know the transformation you create? People want the solution, not the product. Let me help you get it right.

Let's get you clear on your next steps for more profit and Joy

On this session where we can look at
  • Your sales strategy / Your pricing
  • Your personal brand / messaging / imagery
  • Your online profile / Facebook banner/ bios
  • Your social media strategy/ creating a curated visual feed on Instagram.
  • Your website copy or anything else that will help you Thrive!
Remember your visuals and your visibility affect your profitability.
So let's get you more visible to help you Thrive

"My power hour with Ursula was a positive experience for me. The feedback and advice she gave me as we looked at my website and social media visibility were so valuable. She even helped me to tweak my sales strategy that resulted in a £2,500 sale!”

Julia Johnson ~ jewelLer

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